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Brandon LeBlanc

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My first blog

I stumbled upon backup files of my first blog from 2004 this evening and had a good laugh. At the time, I had not found my “focus” yet in terms of blogging which of course eventually became Microsoft and Microsoft-related technologies (my first “real” blog was I designed the website by hand using Microsoft […]

Forgive the downtime

Forgive the downtime recently… if you tried to read my RSS posts from last week you may have hit a error. I neglected to pay my hosting bill (credit card needed to be updated and I forgot) so my hosting provider took down the site and locked my account. I’m very embarrassed. Of all the […]

Twitter’s Tweet Button

I’ve added Twitter’s new Tweet Button (see details in their blog post here) to my blog. This button makes it easier to quickly share a post to all your friends on Twitter. For bloggers, Twitter is an excellent resource for getting exposure to blog content they write. UPDATE: I tested the Tweet Button myself. Doesn’t […]