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Brandon LeBlanc

Thoughts on nerdy and geeky things from around the web

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First Nerd Trivia Season of 2012 has begun!

A new season of Nerd Trivia has begun! Follow @NerdTrivia on Twitter and start answering questions! This season will feature “theme days”. You can track your points and achievements on the Nerd Trivia website. Nerd Trivia is a side project by work colleague and friend Laura Massey (@lauralollipop). Laura is regularly a co-host on Major […]

New season of Nerd Trivia has begun!

On August 9th last week, a new season of Nerd Trivia kicked off from @NerdTrivia. Nerd Trivia is an interactive trivia game that is played over Twitter. The questions specifically target nerd/geek content such as movies, TV shows, and games. Nerd Trivia is a side project by work colleague and friend Laura Massey (@lauralollipop). Throughout […]

Am I a geek or a nerd?

UPDATED 7/13/11: Some of the below has changed so I thought I’d update it and then pass the question along to folks again and see what kind of responses I get! Perhaps you can help me out and determining something: am I a geek or am I a nerd (or both). Quite often, I have […]

Check out gadgets I have, I want, and I had via my gdgt list

Peter Rojas and Ryan Block (of Engadget fame) created a website called gdgt which is literally a social networking website around gadgets you own. Through gdgt, you can share lists of gadgets you currently have, gadgets you want, and gadgets you used to have. You can also contribute by adding reviews of gadgets or even […]


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