Always carry a backup battery with you for your camera…

Today was a wonderful day in Washington State with lots of sunshine. So far this year, we’ve been lacking in sun so it was nice to get some today. To take advantage of the nice weather, I took off for a bit of a road trip toward the eastern side of the state. I’ve been doing a lot of road trips lately blasting music from my Zune and exploring new places and taking photos. I am finding it a nice way to unwind from a busy week.

Today, I decided to hit Highway 12 starting from just south of Napavine and headed east toward Yakima.


Let me tell you, the Cowlitz River Valley is incredible. And when you get over through White Pass it continues to offer up amazing sights of the Cascades.

While the road trip was amazing, unfortunately the battery to my camera was completely dead. To quote American Dad’s Steve Smith: “I guess I just picked a whole bouquet of oopsie-daisies.”

In short – always carry a backup battery for your camera that’s fully charged!

I did however take this shot of Mt. Rainier from my Windows Phone:

WP_000015 (3)

Not too shabby.

I fully intend to take the drive again – this time with my camera full charged and ready to go!

Forgive the downtime

Forgive the downtime recently… if you tried to read my RSS posts from last week you may have hit a error. I neglected to pay my hosting bill (credit card needed to be updated and I forgot) so my hosting provider took down the site and locked my account. I’m very embarrassed. Of all the time I’ve done my own blogging this has never happened. I mean, my site’s been down plenty of times. But that’s usually because of me fiddling with something and breaking it. Anyways, everything should be back to normal. Another blogging best practice: stay on top of your hosting bills!