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Brandon LeBlanc

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Thoughts on Instagram

I’ve been wanting to talk about my use of Instagram for a while. This post isn’t meant as a rant against Instagram nor do I have any negative feelings toward Instagram. I totally get why people use it. This is mostly about how it doesn’t fit with my own online behavior and why. I have […]

New season of Nerd Trivia has begun!

On August 9th last week, a new season of Nerd Trivia kicked off from @NerdTrivia. Nerd Trivia is an interactive trivia game that is played over Twitter. The questions specifically target nerd/geek content such as movies, TV shows, and games. Nerd Trivia is a side project by work colleague and friend Laura Massey (@lauralollipop). Throughout […]

Why RSS is still important (today)

I hear a lot about how RSS is no longer important (e.g. subscribing to an RSS feed of a blog) now that everyone gets their information from Twitter or Facebook these days. While I agree that most people get their information from social networks like Twitter today than they do “subscribing” to an RSS feed […]

Twitter’s Tweet Button

I’ve added Twitter’s new Tweet Button (see details in their blog post here) to my blog. This button makes it easier to quickly share a post to all your friends on Twitter. For bloggers, Twitter is an excellent resource for getting exposure to blog content they write. UPDATE: I tested the Tweet Button myself. Doesn’t […]

Seesmic for Windows 0.5.2 released with bug fixes etc.

Tonight, Seesmic released Seesmic for Windows 0.5.2. This updated build is primarily bug fixes. You can get the low-down on on what this release consists of (on top of application performance) here in their blog post on the Seesmic Blog. Download: Seesmic for Windows 0.5.2 If you have Seesmic for Windows already installed, you can […]