I have a doppelganger

It appears I have a doppelganger. Another Brandon LeBlanc. In Canada. Who is using my Hotmail address to sign up for all kinds of things like the PlayStation Network, a World of Warcraft account and most recently a Rockstar Games account. I’ve transitioned away from my Hotmail email address as part of the migration to a while ago but I still get emails sent to my Hotmail address as it is still part of my account (it’s an alias). So it continues to be annoying to keep getting these mails from accounts being set up an email address that is mine and has been mine for many years.

What I don’t get about this is that this has been occurring for about a while now and this other Brandon LeBlanc hasn’t realized this clearly isn’t his email address.

Even better is that the accounts this other Brandon LeBlanc has created with my email address lets me request a password change for many of these accounts — which I do — and then proceed to shutdown or deactivate these accounts. The act of resetting the passwords on these accounts alone disables their use from this other Brandon LeBlanc and should be some sort of hint when he tries to log in to these accounts — and can’t — that something is up.

He’s even had some HR person from someplace he has worked send a paystub to this address probably containing all kinds of information he wouldn’t want some other random Brandon LeBlanc (me) from seeing. Fortunately for him, the paystub was sent as a password protected PDF. But through this email is how I know he is from Canada (the place that sent the paystub is located in Canada). Oh and this Brandon LeBlanc also bought an iPhone and had his receipt emailed to him (me) from a Canadian Apple Store.

When will this Brandon LeBlanc finally realize that this email address is not his? Anyone else have something like this happen?

And no: I am also NOT the lawyer for the Silk Road dude.

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