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Brandon LeBlanc

Thoughts on nerdy and geeky things from around the web

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Yes, better emoji is coming to Windows 10

The Verge did a piece today that takes a closer look at Google’s new emoji coming to Android with the Android N update. The post pokes fun of Microsoft for lack of better emoji – specifically on the animals. But the article neglected to look at the new emoji coming to Windows 10 with the Windows […]


My very first Kickstarter

Today I received my very first Kickstarter project: the reissue of the 1975 NASA Graphic Standards Manual. This manual is pretty awesome and perfect for design nerds. While I may not necessarily be a design nerd, I do love and appreciate design. I also love NASA and the history behind NASA. So when I discovered this Kickstarter […]

Thoughts on Instagram

I’ve been wanting to talk about my use of Instagram for a while. This post isn’t meant as a rant against Instagram nor do I have any negative feelings toward Instagram. I totally get why people use it. This is mostly about how it doesn’t fit with my own online behavior and why. I have […]

Fix “popping” audio issue on HP Spectre X360

I have noticed when playing audio such as music from Groove Music in Windows 10 that there would be “popping” from the speakers on my HP Spectre X360. To fix this, I went into the DTS Audio Control Panel app, clicked on “Listening Experienced” and *unchecked* “Audio Enhancements”. The popping went away. I tweeted about this […]

RSS readers

John Gruber on RSS readers: “RSS readers exploded in popularity a decade ago, and Dan is right that their use has died down dramatically. But I think “RSS is dead” is the new “email is dead”. And I know from my server stats that an awful lot of people still read Daring Fireball in an […]

Remembering Windows 95

20 years ago today – Windows 95 was released. Windows 95 was the most significant update to Windows ever made at the time – ushering in the transition from 16-bit architecture to 32-bit architecture and introducing a completely brand new graphical user interface designed to make Windows much more consumer friendly. I was only 12 […]

Electric cars need to be cheaper AND have more range

I recently purchased a new car – a 2015 Ford Focus – and love it. And I am a huge Ford fanboy. However, it’s not the electric Ford Focus. Just a regular fuel-powered version. I briefly considered the electric version but the biggest reason why I didn’t choose it was because of it’s range – […]

Testing out the OneNote Publisher for WordPress plug-in

Today, the Office Team has announced the OneNote Publisher for WordPress plug-in. You just download and install the plug-in on your WordPress blog and you can start using OneNote to write blog posts. NOTE: When setting up the plug-in on your WordPress blog – make sure you follow the instructions especially the part about configuring […]


The Batman Exhibit on the Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour

This year marks the 75th anniversary of Batman by DC Comics. I have always been a huge Batman fan as a kid and loved Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy. I’m currently reading the latest Batman comics. And yes – I’m also excited to see Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of […]

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