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REVIEW: McFarlane’s Captain Picard action-figure misses the mark

McFarlane Toys is kicking off a new series of 7-inch Star Trek action-figures starting with Captain Kirk and Captain Picard. These figures just hit stores and my figures arrived today. I collected all of Diamond Select’s Star Trek figures previously (and loved them) so I was naturally curious about what McFarlane’s versions would be like.

I’m going to cut to the chase: their Captain Kirk figure is amazing. So I’m not really going to talk about that figure much. But they really missed the ball on their Captain Picard figure. Details matter on figures I collect and they got a bunch of the details wrong which really disappointed me.

Close-up of McFarlane’s Picard figure.

You can see that they didn’t do a good job getting Picard’s eyes quite right. The rest of his face seems quite a match. It’s his eyes that bug me. But my biggest problem is with the uniform they used for their Picard figure. During the third season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, they transitioned away from using the form-fitting one-piece uniforms seen in Season 1 and 2 and went with a two piece uniform which consisted of pants and shirt that unzipped in the back for all the male cast members (and other male supporting characters like Lt. Barclay). But during that transition, Picard’s uniform was a bit off during the first few episodes of the third season. You had these two seams that ran down the middle of his uniform shirt.

Captain Picard as seen in the first episode of Season 3. Notice the two seams?

This weird uniform style for Picard was seen until the 6th episode of the third season called “Booby Trap”. In that episode – Picard has the uniform shirt that he will have for the remainder of the series.

Captain Picard as seen from the 6th episode of the third season called “Booby Trap”. Notice no seams?

So why did McFarlane Toys choose to model their Picard figure in a uniform style that was used in only 5 episodes of the third season rather than the more familiar uniform style he’s most recognizable in for the series?

Back of the Picard figure.

The other issue is the back of the Picard figure is also not right. It includes no zipper seam going down the middle and the lines are not right.

The quality of these figures is great but its the detail that is lacking and as a collector, details really matter to me. The next two figures in the new McFarlane Toys Star Trek 7-inch action-figures series is Michael Burnham from Star Trek: Discovery and Spock from the Original Series. I’ll definitely be picking them up but I really do hope they pay special attention to getting the details right.

Crafting my story and building my personal brand

Spin Your Tale

This month, I did a small “reboot” of my blog here in an effort to redefine my personal brand. People know “Brandon LeBlanc” as the guy who works on the Windows Insider Program at Microsoft that also used to run the Windows Blog. A large part of my personal brand is tied to Microsoft – which is ok because I’m more than happy to admit I’m a self-professed Microsoft fanboy. But there’s more to “Brandon LeBlanc” than just Microsoft. I also care about other things – ranging from what Ford is doing with their car line-up to the in-development new Batman movie to the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies as just some examples. I also care about equality in the workplace and space exploration. This is where I can talk about all that stuff. This is where I can craft MY STORY and be in control of driving my personal brand.

What really motivated me to do this little reboot of my personal brand through my blog was my manager Dona Sarkar. She has a huge passion for helping others develop their own personal brand in addition to putting a lot of effort into maintaining her own – independently of her job as the leader of the Windows Insider Program. Matter a fact – Dona just recently released a brand new book called Spin Your Tale which talks about how you can craft and control your story which is the thing that leads to your brand. I highly recommend buying her book.

Get busy crafting your story and building your personal brand. And watch me craft and build my own!